Apr 2012
04:49 PM

Guide to the Tucson New School

There’s a reason why a city in the middle of the desert can attract a group of creatives like those you find at BRINK headquarters. Tucson has the culture, the landscape and an eclectic mix of places to go. Hip bars, gastropubs and fashionable boutiques, all of the accoutrements of a thriving city, keep cropping up. BRINK sorted through a slew of new spots and these are the ones we can really getting behind.

BLX / 35 E Toole Ave / 520.622.5858

Tucson may have the feel of a small town but it is still an urban city. And with concrete, come decks with wheels. Right next to cultural-hub Solar Culture on Toole Avenue, BLX (say it like “blocks”) offers everything a skater might need, from a superior offering of boards and accessories, to fresh Adidas and whatever random paraphernalia the owners see fit to include (books, toys, etc.). They host local art shows and the openings are definitely worth checking out. The owners are not just trying to make a buck, this is their culture. And this new addition to the Tucson scene is destined to become a legend, not only amongst skaters.

The Union Public House / 4340 N Campbell Ave / 520.329.8575

This new go-to is situated farther north than the rest of the list and maybe that’s for a reason, this pub was designed with a chicer crowd in mind. One BRINKer says it is a spot in Tucson where you know every one of the hip and clean-cut patrons has a job, and that can’t be assumed everywhere in town. This place is definitely no dive. If you have a laid-back, but sophisticated time in mind, try making a trek up north a bit. The Union boasts an honest American aesthetic, delicious food and just-as-good cocktails.

The Parish / 6453 N Oracle Rd / 520.797.1233

A little way out west is a new gastropub with a southern-fusion style called simply The Parish. Three staples of Tucson’s culinary scene founded this new spot: the general manager and the executive chef of Tucson’s famed Cup Cafe and the founder of the French Quarter. The Parish is sure to be a gourmand’s delight with its new take on the old New Orleans’ cuisine. A hospitable happy hour menu helps it rise to the top of our list of places to be when you’re hungry (and thirsty). The Parish is located on the northwest corner of Oracle and Orange Grove which is a bit out of our range normally but a little cruise up Oracle is worth it.

-Alexsey Kashtelyan, BRINKtern
(Photos and editing by Caroline Jackson)

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